This is real. America is changing ℠.

The FUN presidential candidate.

The FUN presidential candidate.

The FUN presidential candidate.The FUN presidential candidate.

Why is the The Triceratops the FUN party logo?


A fun vine covered ecological triceratops shinning in the sun for all the splendor of presidential candidate krupkin2020.

Rawr!!  Look out for the mighty Triceratops


Fun dinosaur time with a triceratops representing presidential candidate krupkin2020 Alex

The 3 horns represent the unity of the 3 branches of government AND the (now) three political parties working together.


Strength and honor typify the presidential campaign of triceratops lover Alex Krupkin of Krupkin2020.

Gentle by nature.  Groups of these stately creatures will defend the health of the next generations with all their strength. 

Commentary on the Triceratops Stamps