This is real. America is changing ℠.

The FUN presidential candidate.

The FUN presidential candidate.

The FUN presidential candidate.The FUN presidential candidate.
The world is being saved by Alex Krupkin of Krupkin2020 by the creation of a really real fun fun party with lots of fun times and major changes in the political climate so that now America can focus on the future instead of a civil war spread by hate and kitten farts.

Reserve room for FUN in 2020

tHE FUN PARTY IS HERE: #funparty #krupkin2020

One O'Clock at night... after a particularly kind bud I decided to name the party:  FUN

Why not, right? 

Why not have FUN while creating a new political process?

Why not set precedents to make the voting process more FUN and accessible?

Why not have a civilized FUN Party where its not about a podium and an audience, 

   its about the country acting as one giant discussion table to hammer out what needs to be done.

Why not use these next 30 years of our lives to write a glowing FUN chapter of American History?

Why not stop arguing and piling the courts with constant litigation and turn to using your money and

  time and mental focus to actually fix our economic and environmental problems. And why not do

  this while dressed as THOR or a Canadian Mounty or Ruth Ginsberg, or even a 7up machine??

Why not, right?

Be part of the FUN process

I will be linking to various videos soon to show you how to get involved in the registration and voting process.