This is real. America is changing ℠.

The FUN presidential candidate.

Manifesto !

Focusing on America's well being NOW, and in the future.

The is a person having a fantastic time at a fun party surrounded by warm happy people joyfully reveling in drunken splendor, the fun party is hosted by krupkin2020 presidential candidate

 Primary objectives

  • Have a FUN PARTY!! (calm, quiet and relaxing with beer, weed and BBQ)
  • It is our economy and we can do what we want with it.  

So how about a 28 hr work week at $38.50/hr, so EVERYONE can have meaningful input and feel good about themselves NOW AND IN THE FUTURE?  If you act now, I will throw in basic dental for free!  

As a nation we can get there in 8 years if we turn the "America, F$%# Yeah!!!" button to ON and then unite in a NEW, FUN direction; leaving the rest of the world shaking in their boots as we get to one of Saturn's moons 5 years before anyone else!  Seriously people you have got to take all of your negativity and arguing and channel it (by whatever legal and safe means are available and affordable to you) into something more constructive or your descendants will mock you incessantly.  It is time to build a FUN PARTY.  Its what I am here for... to build America, not tear it down.   :)

  • Spend a bunch of money.

Use the magnificent power and epic majesty of our huge, massive, Multi-Trillion Dollar  Federal Budget to create a monstrously gigantic national technology and jobs explosion that is specifically designed to  cleanup of our water, air and earth so that we may turn the entire country into an organic food powerhouse. 

  • Work together

... well at least MORE TOGETHER than we have in 30+ years.

Participate in the planning and action needed to create a country/world that we can be proud to leave to future generations.  This is where YOUR input drives the Federal Budget in the direction YOU WANT.  

(Let me help you help me to help you create the world you envision)

Take a long deep breath and focus on the future.

Exhale and appreciate the amazing world around you.

  • America is amazing and the best years are ahead of us.