This is real. America is changing ℠.

The FUN presidential candidate.

The FUN presidential candidate.

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KBOO Interview

KBOO Interview

KBOO Interview

KBOO Don merrill portland radio OPB PBS krupkin presidential president candidate interview 2020 fun

Don Merrill's lovely voice and style covers a lot of topics in this interview.

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KBOO Interview

KBOO Interview

President presidential candidate Krupkin Krupkin2020 covid corona death virus florida georgia winner

There will be no NCAA championship winning team anywhere in the SE USA, TX & OK in the next 5-20 years due to high rates of death among student athletes and sports staff.

A real presidential candidate

Presidential candidate alex krupkin shown here winning the popular vote and the aliens amazing power

Its the extremely limited edition t-shirt

I have about 50 shirts  to give away in the next few months.

Let me know if you would like one.

 (IG:krupkin2020; usa only due to postal cost)

Amazing Krupkin candidate 2020 presidential election triceratops for America winning votes fun party

WE HAVE 800% MORE fun THAN your mom


2050, here we come!!!

Forge a new path to the future

If you want to have more of a say in designing and building a more ecologically healthy and economically stable world for future generations, look no further than Krupkin2020.  As a career molecular ecologist with a good mind for business I want win the presidential election and blend my vision of the USA/world in 2050 with guidance/knowledge and expertise from the American people.  Under my leadership, Americans will have greater control over the direction that our 5 Trillion dollar budget will be focused on to meet our goals as quickly as possible.  This will not be an easy task.  This is NOT business as usual.  There will be a lot of work to do (jobs!) and it is a matter of focusing on the future and making it happen starting NOW.

These are still my goals, will you join me?

By the end of 2028:

 1) Cleanest water on the planet for every American

 2) Leading the global economy by focusing on inventing ground breaking  cleantech.  

 3)  Moonbase with 1000 multinational residents.

President krupkin elect was voted into office to save earth and financial profit for all.  kittens

this is a man fit to run the planet efficiently, cleanly with fun, luck and happiness for Earth

A third party makes the USA more dynamic

America is winning the economic war against the other side of the world by electing Alex Krupkin a presidential candidate for Krupkin2020 to rule America and the world into an age of magic prosperity where kittens and triceratops bound with happy abundant joyful rythm.

Following the FUN presidential candidate on YouTube is a good idea.  You can leave me comments & questions there.